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We aim to prepare students for success in an institution of higher learning and to participate as leaders in society.  

Mission Statement:

We at KC Elite Mongoose value loyalty, dignity, morals and a good heart as these are the building blocks of good character. We strive to provide student athletes with the tools to become upstanding members of society through football. Each of our students is given the opportunity to grow mentally through the promotion of teamwork and unity.


"We don't just talk about it, we be about it!"

   - Artist Lewis, Coach and Founder

The Vision:

1. Attend team activities

2. Outwork everyone

3. Know your plays

4. Compete in all you do

5. Be coachable

6. Empower your teammates

7. Go above & beyond

8. Put team first ( TRUST THE PROCESS)

9. Have good character

10. Be dependable

11. Keep good grades.

Our vision is to help and give access to all student athletes in all communities across United States.

Players participating in the kc elite mongoose team are making a commitment to this program. The below expectations must be fulfilled by each student, if that student expects to play. 

 The KC ELITE MONGOOSE organization was founded in 2013 on the basis of helping student athletes in the Kansas City Metro Area develop their skills as young student athletes by way of football 7v7. The vision in mind pictures to prepare them to succeed in an institution of higher learning.


The future of Mongoose is to expand and to establish a presence across the United States. While providing opportunities for student athletes to compete in football and excel in life. We aspire to provide them with a positive coaching environment to aid these young men in becoming better football players for the duration of their athletic endeavors.  Our logo is the Mongoose. Mongoose are extremely quick and agile and work together effortlessly as one unit. This allows them to effectively dodge the attacks of their enemy. The pack is a family and that is a concept we impart onto our students in regards to how to perform on the field. We teach them that they have to move swiftly as one unit on the field. 


Right now , we are Kansas City Elite Mongoose. However, we look forward to expanding Kansas City Elite Mongoose across the country in the near future.

Our Goal:


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